Accelerate Your Marketing for Energy Healers Online9852508 Course

Would you like to have more clients? Would you like them to come to you, asking to work with you? Would you like to know how to share your services without feeling or sounding salesy? Would you like to know that money is coming in every day? Would you like to know how to make six-figures a year with your healing practice? Would you like the tools laid out in easy-to-follow ways to make all of this happen and more? If so, Accelerate Your Marketing is for you.

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Wealth Coaching with Macaya

Are you struggling financially? Do you work really hard, yet can't seem to make more money than you need to get by? Do you have the desire to be able to travel when you want and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you always have money?

Learn How to Manage Your Money in a Way That Works for You
Learn to Love Money
Learn to Think Like a Rich Person
Examine and Clear Your Money Story
Examine and Clear Your Parents' Money Story
Create a Wealth Mindset
Learn How to Create Passive Streams of Income so you can Make Money while You Sleep!
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One-on-One Business Coaching and Healing with Macaya

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Are you ready to find and close clients with total ease while not sounding like a used car salesman? Are you ready to consistently reach the six-figure a year mark or more with your business? Are you ready to package your services in a way that will bring you way more money while having to work a lot less? If so, click the link below to see if One-on-One Business Coaching and Healing with Macaya is a fit for you.

Do you feel stuck in your business? Are you procrastinating on the things you know you need to get done?

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Energy Facelift

Would you like to tighten the skin on your body? Would you like to look like you did when you were 20? Would you like all the other women in the room to be wondering, "She looks so good. I wonder what she is doing?" If so, the Energy Facelift is for you!

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Intuitive Counseling Sessions with Macaya

What is it you would like to change in your life?  How about your health?  Your relationships?  Your money flows?  Your Body?  Would you like to start living your purpose? You deserve to have an easy life! You deserve to love yourself and love your body!!!  You deserve to be in a state of ever expanding joy! If you want to transform your life and body in ways beyond anything you ever imagined possible, Intuitive Life Counseling Sessions are for you!

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Note: all sessions are done via skype or phone.

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