Hi Macaya

"I am writing to inform you about my experiences since made contact with you 5 weeks ago.

I had my first session with you on 13th September.A few days later, I experienced a shock regarding a situation that I thought had been resolved just showed up and needing immediate attention! I remembered you were away for a week so I felt it won't help if I made another appointment so I began to RICH it! I was just RICHING Everything!

Well, I was able to calm down as I was guided to find attorney to represent me. I didn't have the money I thought would be required since I had dealt with this situation in the past.

The attorney contacted me and their fees were far less than I had thought.

A moment later, I had 2 people contacted me about a room for lodging in my home! They moved in a few weeks later and offered to pay me 3 months rent in advance! (I had advertised this room for a long time without any interest)

Also, I stopped working for the company I was working for which I wasn't happy at all about their ethics.

The same week I left the company, I had a client who signed up for one of my top programs!!!

The following week, 2 more clients signed up and it's happening every week!! Thank you Macaya!
I want to learn from you, become the best I can be, help as many people as I can in this lifetime!
Macaya! This is amazing! I am sooooo excited and grateful to you.

With infinite blessings to you always"



"Thanks feeling much better after are talk realeased soooooo much. love and light"

Bonnie Shirley


"What an amazing and beautiful healing session.  Thank you for creating the space to allow things to surface, I'm so thankful and grateful for all that was released today."

-P. Archer, Vancouver, BC


"I dont have the pain in my back anymore or my shoulder!"

-Maria Gonzalez


WOW Macaya, now I know I was meant to take this class!!!! Thank you so very much for offering free livestreams! My back and spine were hurting before I did them, and it hasn't since. I have had low back pain for 35 years, and 1 year ago, I had two herniated discs, never went to the doctor, but I knew I had them, and a healer confirmed my feelings. Some things I do aggravate that, and it was hurting bad when I did your livestream, now NO pain at all, and my back feels stronger again!

I cannot tell you how far in debt I was... going to Chiropractors and for acupuncture, NONE of which ever gave me relief ,only for a day or two!!!! I wish I knew about your work years ago. a few years ago, I suffered with my jaw going out of joint, my face was all deformed and my jaw locked and stayed locked for 17 months, it was the worst thing I have ever suffered, and I was told I should go to a specialist and have surgery! I wouldn't do that, but it took 3 years to heal it with the natural healing I was having done! I still worry sometimes, it never went back, but the energy healing fixed it, and my face too! My dentist was amazed, but my teeth all hit wrong, to this day! Another reason I love your work, it aligns my teeth too! Thank you Macaya, for your Blessed healing work.

-Karen Clothier


"I had the pleasure of discovering Vandana & Macaya via The Accelerated Light Radio Show on Goldylocks Productions. I were immediately impressed by the otherworldly high vibrations radiating from these divine beings, and a certain calmness ensued, as healing energies were received, without even asking. After working up the nerve to call in, i was blessed with knowledge, uncovered, that only i were aware of regarding past lives, as well as a profound healing, facilitated individually by both Vandana and Macaya. This immense release of past life baggage made me to feel immediately 100lbs lighter, and continues to unfold within, as time passes, leading me to a much brighter and more positive outlook on all things. This, from a simple radio show phone-in, in a very short time. I have studied many healers over the years, yet these make most pale in comparison, i recommend their services to any and all, who may wish to restore their life, as you simply could not be in better or safer hands."

-Charles Lovell


"You made it seem so simple to connect with source!  It was so easy!"



"I feel very clear and a lot lighter and my energy levels have increase so much!"

-Andrea Casano


Hi Macaya,

"The workshop this past weekend was amazing!  I was the person who set the intention for a pneumonia case.  He is a dog that I had taken to the ER two weeks prior.  They had told me that it would/could last up to 6 weeks and he'd have to take the antibiotics for that long. 🙁

I brought him to his weekly appt. on Monday and his lungs were FREE and CLEAR!  I know that he was helped through our workshop.  Thank you for holding this for us."

Best, Mary

-Mary Farren


"Macaya...guess what just happened? I bearly did your abudance activation Sunday evening, and today I totally got big unexpected check!! 🤑Tytyty

P.S.  I'm totally signing up for my energy facelift.!"

-Sylvia Gomez


"I'm feeling so much more 'no big dealness', like everything is handalable."

-Katie Van Horne, Ojai, CA


"It was like rubber bands released from my shoulders and they relaxed and dropped down instantly after that clearing!"

-Gladys, Orlando, Florida


"I normally have loud ringing in my ears and now it's pretty much gone."

-Gladys, Orlando, Florida


Hello Macaya,

"Thank you so much for yesterday's session;-) My back feels amazing and pain free since I don't know how long ago."

-Brad Szollose, New York, USA


"Hello Macaya, I listened to your Healing Activation for an Abundance of Money on YouTube and that night at work I received $19O.OO in tips from just 2 tables."

-Maureen Keefe


"I just wanted to let you know that after our session I took a little nap.  When I woke up I felt so clean  I mean clean! I've never felt that way in my life.  I then went to the store.  I felt really sexy and I got asked out!  Your work is amazing!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Michel Seechrist, San Diego, CA


"Every night I look forward to coming home and listening and watching your videos.  And I am continuing to do RICH and RACE and Reality Reset during the day whenever I think of it.   It's easier when I'm alone than at work!  With love and gratefulness, Justine"



"Thanks a bunch Macaya ! It was so deep so touchable! I got very tired of yawing during whole session:) now I am much more lighter and happy, joyful. I am smiling for no reason or a lot more reason :)"

Thanks a lot !!! Love and blessings, Clara

Clara Yalcinkaya, Toronto, Canada


"It feels like I'm more complete, like something was missing and now it's back.  Like something was gone and now I have more of myself."

-SR, Singapore


"Aloha Macaya,

Thank you so much for my Amazing healing!!!!

I am feeling such clarity, peace and excitement for

What I am about to create. I have noticed such an

Expansion of my Spirit and it is so Fantastic.

The same day of my healing with you I received a

Call from the guy I told you about. I am very happy he

Has connected with me again! Life is so Magical!!

Thank you for your previous time, beautiful energy and

Powerful Insight:-)"

Blessings to you with peace and Joy,

Love and Light,

Maureen Lee Malone



"Thank you! I am definitely feeling the energy you are sending and feel it from the Activation for Infinite Love. =)

My face feels lighter and I feel a loving energy through my crown chakra, throat chakra, 3rd, 4th, and 5th eyes, and heart chakra. It feels beautiful and very loving. The energy feels familiar to me, soothing and energizing.

Thank you so much, Macaya. =)"

-Anne Heit


"I just wanted to write and say thank you for the amazing energy session with Darius from You Wealth Revolution. It was amazing! Best Birthday present ever!"

-Maritza Perez


"Dear Macaya and Cathleene,

Thank you both so much.

The space you held on Saturday

allowed me to have the break through

I’ve been asking for for a very long time.

Have a magnificent week,"



"That was awesomeness personified! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! xo BIG LOVE"

Sharon Simpson, Belfast



My life has turned 180 degrees to blissfulness!!!

I am full of lightness, love, happiness and gratitude.  I am thankful for you and healing energies... life is GRAND!"

-Kaia Reuter


"I believe we are all healers and Macaya's classes help you heal fast, effectively and gives you assurance you can make a difference! If you have the time, please invest in your SELF."

-Alma Bella, Los Angeles


"Macaya!!!! I LOVE RICH RACE!!! I got my new Red Mercedes within A week!!! I knew you and the Arcturians are powerful, but from one Healer, to another.... WOW!!!! And Thank you!!!!"

-Kitoto Sunshine Hope, Newport Beach, CA


" Macaya Miracle"

"is one of the BEST healers I had the pleasure working with . In these stressful times of packing up an entire household to make it fit into one car and not overeat SHOWS and TESTIFIES just how much of a miracle worker he is. I had only ONE session in regards to the tendencies to shove anything into my mouth to push my emotions down ..........

with this genius where we addressed my years long emotional eating patterns

I am standing here now slim, healthy, radiant and happy in my body, picking at a salad standing in the void of my home, smiling. hahhaa. WOW> THANK YOU ....anyone who wishes to experience a miracle. book with this man ;-))"

Laura Selina Calderon


"This was an amazing class, Macaya is a great facilitator, I went beyond where I thought I would and had an amazing experience. As we say in the Native way - He is walking his talk."



Testimonial :

"Words cannot express how thankful I am for the  life changing experiences that have been happening to me since I've been listening to the rich healing mp3's.

I'm a singer, and after doing the throat chakra healing activation, I have such a deeper voice, more depth and a richness to my voice that I never had before. I am singing effortlessly now.

I've been training my voice for years, but there have been unconscious beliefs and fears, things I didn't know that were blocking me, from letting the fullness of my voice come out. I am completely blown away and astonished.

The throat chakra healing has also allowed me to speak up. I'm being vocal now, not holding things back and that has been enormous for me. I used to hold back and I wouldn't say what I really wanted to say in the moment. Now I am and it is highly profound.

As a performer, I have become more dynamic and compelling in the moment. I am shocked by this whole new other level of talent I am discovering. I didn't know I could be so free on stage.

I can't thank you enough for all the great things these healings have brought to my life. Thank you so much.

Please just use my first name. Thanks,"

Susyn Timko


"Dear Meryl, This is truly one of the best calls I have ever heard. I have a good father yet it still was relevant to me. My best friend, however, has father issues, due to an absent father, who provided financially as it was his obligation yet gave no love and affection. I forwarded this call to my friend and it has caused clarity and understanding about issues related to his father. My friend is 34 years old and has been carrying a lot of this for so long. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing call, for myself, and much more for my friend who I love dearly. It is a VERY powerful call. My friend has listened to it twice now, though I only sent it to him about 5 days ago. I would like to ask is there a means for the call to be sent to me in a downloadable form for him to keep forever? He has benefitted so much from it and it has put to rest things that he has been carrying around since a small child. He is 34 now. Thank you. Thank you."

Many blessings,

Catherine x : )


"I was talking about you today (grin..did your ears burn) and realized I had never let you know how grateful I am that my first Access Contact was with you.. who also had your own healing abilities. The results from that bars class I realized later were in part due to your innate abilities (I still have never had yeast return..after a lifetime on diflucan before that clearing). So thought I'd share with you what I share about you with friends."

Maureen Gil's – Phoenix


"I recently recieved a RICH healing activation fromMeryl and it was "mind blowing"! I felt a real mind-shift, as if my brain was "clicked" into balance. I sensed a letting go of my barriers and "body armour". I now feel ready to take action on a path that I was confused about. I highly recommend a session! Thanks Meryl."

Dawn Sharrocks


"I was truly humbled, and uplifted by the Soul Intimacy class! still digesting it... im carrying it with me in my pocket with a s mile! :)"



"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the RICH session. I am so at ease with myself and life right now. I continue to say RICH thru out my day as I become aware of limiting beliefs and judgements. I am amazed at how quickly I feel light afterwards."

-Maureen N

Thank You!


"Massively improved. I feel with a few more I can be close to how I started. I felt the shift strongly and more happiness on my own.. I do feel more whole."

Joanne T from Brooklyn NY


"Hi Patrick & Meryl (and Patrick's kitty)

awesome call, thanks so much for being a huge contribution to my life and blossoming consciousness!

a few minutes after I was talking with you all, I received the sensation in my gut in a new way. It felt like a fist (my brother used to punch me there) and I just collapsed around it, and perceived that I've been refusing like EVERYTHING even air…even breathing…wonderful breakthrough

thanks thanks thanks"

Ziporah in Massachusetts

Ziporah Hildebrandt


"Thanks, Patrick!  I'm feeling so much lighter!  I talk regularly with a friend from Atlanta and we usually end the call with sharing our visions for our lives a year frpm now.  Today mine was about bringing clients in thru grief work and then doing life coaching and all of it using Access!  And — surprise to me — a dream come true of finding a man who is a terrific partner both personally and at work.  I've dreamed of working with my partner for years now and I actually feel it could happen now!  WOOHOO!  HDIGABTT?"

From Pat Duran


"Felt real space for the first time...a sense of just plain all out at-easeness, existing without thought, just being. HDIGBTT?! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Who knew t be like this...more joy than I have ever been in this lifetime."

Mary Baldwin


"For years I have been doing all kinds of modalities. In no other modality have I felt such ease and space and knowing that the Universe is in it with me. No mind needed. No intention. No signs or chants or numbers. Just asking for it. Such an expansive and soft and powerful energy. I am so grateful.

Thank you Patrick for sharing this. I knew something else was possible and now I know it and I use it - and I love it!"

Stina Devi Eriksson


"Today my son was at my moms and strained his little foot. Mom freaked and took him to the doctor. They wanted to do allsorts because he wouldn´t walk on it. I sent him just a min of Archangel Metatrone Healing - he walked on the foot again!


Thank you so much Patrick Arden McNally for gifting this to the world ♥"


"I have fallen head over heels with your activations and your work. Results are profound & awe striking to say the least! I have used so many programs over many years but rather than spinning wheels, I feel different here, like life long struggles are finally releasing & healing at long last!"

-Debi, USA


"Thank you, Macaya. Your activations are amazing and beautiful.
They make my heart shine."
So much love to you,

Birte Troup


"Your love / happy energy is heart warming."

Sharon Epstein


"Macaya came a long and then everything started happening and making sense."

Agnes Ephraim, England